How to Make Your Child a Cyclops: Photoshop Tutorial

Sometimes Nico just makes me laugh. Actually, all the time. He’s pretty much a cross between a clown and a ham sandwich. Today he started telling me he was a cyclops. By trying to wink he thought that would make him a cyclops as he’d then only have one eye. Of course, that’s not the case so we went ahead and “Googled” cyclopses. That was fun. Trying googling “cyclops” with your three year old some time. I think my child is a little strange as he loves things that seem scary to most kids. But, I guess that’s better than being scared of everything.

Anyway, I decided to have a little fun with Photoshop and photo manipulation by taking a picture of Nico and turning him into a cyclops. It’s not a very difficult Photoshop tutorial but does require a basic understanding of layers, layer masks, brushes and blending modes. If any of this is too far above your head, I highly recommend picking up a copy of my book, The Landscape Photographer’s Field Guide as it goes into all this stuff into detail and breaks it down in easy to understand steps.

Alright, have fun with this and let me see what you came up with!