The Kingdom of Hawai‘i Cover Designs

For me, one of the most challenging parts of starting a new project like writing another book is just getting started. The easiest way for me to get motivated to write The Kingdom of Hawai‘i is to start with the cover designs.

So, last week I went through thousands of images of Hawaii and looked to find some that I thought would make for a good cover for the upcoming Kingdom of Hawaii book. The image for the cover needs to be dynamic but not overwhelming. It has to have space where I can add a large title and copy and be representative of the images in the book.  It took me awhile to come up with the images I did, but now I’m at my top 5 images of Hawaii to be used as the cover for the upcoming Kingdom of Hawaii book.

Please, take a look at these 5 options and I really want to know your thoughts on each. I’m sending this out over social media too (follow me on Instagram if you have it – I’m definitely best at responding there. I don’t even know how to check stuff on Facebook or Twitter, and I get no notifications from those platforms anyway). Let me know what you think, if there is one image of Hawaii that you think is more representative of The Kingdom of Hawaii cover than any other. Thank you!