Does your child run around the house grunting, throwing things and pretending he is The Incredible Hulk? Well, Nico does. Sometimes he checks the mirror to see if he has actually turned into the Incredible Hulk. Thankfully, he’s still a four year old boy, not a Marvel Super Hero. However, since he tries to be the Incredible Hulk so often, I thought, well maybe with a little help from Photoshop I could make him into the Hulk. Turns out, it’s not that difficult if you have a little basic knowledge of how Photoshop works. I recorded the screen and have a less than 15 minute Photoshop tutorial that will show you how to turn your kid into the Incredible Hulk. Trust me, he’s going to love it!

The first step is to make sure you have a good base image to work with. I mean a picture of the Hulk from Google or something that is not too small and has a clear view of the Incredible Hulk’s face. From there you’ll need to take a picture of your child’s face in roughly the same position as the Hulk’s. Try to make sure the lighting is similar too, this will make for the final image looking far more realistic. It’s not a relatively easy Photoshop tutorial but does require a basic understanding of layers, layer masks, brushes and blending modes. If any of this is too far above your head, I HIGHLY recommend picking up a copy of my book, The Landscape Photographer’s Field Guide as it goes into all this stuff into detail and breaks it down in easy to understand steps.

Alright, have fun with this and let me see what you come up with!